Law Services

Our clients often require more than just accounting services, as they also have a need for legal assistance. In particular, they often seek advice in areas such as Immigration Law, family Law, and Business Law. To meet these needs, we have formed partnership with different Law firms especially with KB Law Chambers, who are registered OISC advisors. With their expertise in various legal fields, they are able to provide our clients with the necessary guidance and support. Whether it's navigating the complexities of immigration procedures, resolving family disputes, or addressing legal matters related to their businesses, our clients can rely on our comprehensive range of services to meet their needs effectively. Please contacted us for the following services.

  • British Spouse Visa

  • Adult Dependent Visa

  • EU Settlement Scheme Permit & Residence Card

  • British Naturalisation Application

  • Tier 2 Sponsorship & Further Leave Remain

  • Long Residence in the UK

  • Investor Visa

  • Students Visa & Extension

  • Family Law

  • Small Money Claim

  • Lease or sub-lease

  • Contracts and Agreements


woman in gold dress holding sword figurine
woman in gold dress holding sword figurine